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Thursday 20th June, 2019 (The Community Show : 9.00-10.30am)
Heather will interview Dennis Martin, the Manager of the Coffs Harbour Airport.
The Coffs Harbour Airport is constantly changing to meeting an ever-increasing patronisation.
Dennis and Heather will discuss the ongoing evolution of the airport, including the future management of the airport.



In a second interview during the Community Show, (Thursday 20th June), Heather will interview Margaret Bridgeman from the Boambee East Community Centre.
Heather and Margaret will talk about the upcoming Winter Solstice celebrations, to be held on Saturday the 29th of June.
Margaret also chats about other events and activities being held at the centre.



During the Community Show on 27th June, (in a pre-recorded interview), Rita will speak with Guy Coenen, a Coffs Harbour Justice of the Peace.
Rita and Guy will talk about Guy’s experiences as a ‘JP’ and his time at the free help desks at the Coffs Harbour Courthouse and local shopping centres.





During the Community Show on June 13, Rita interviewed Major Andrew Vangaalen from the Coffs Harbour Salvation Army.
After speaking about Andrew’s background and history, Rita and Andrew then discussed the current and future involvement of the Salvation Army in the Coffs Harbour community.




During the Community Show on Thursday 6th June, Ian interviewed Dick Willis, a local car enthusiast and motor dealership historian.
The interview begins with Dick providing an overview of his early working life, his involvement with car-racing, and some of the Coffs Harbour landmarks that have disappeared over the passage of time.
Dick and Ian then discuss an extensive and detailed history of car-dealerships in Coffs Harbour.




During the Community Show on Thursday 30th May, Sherrie interviewed Judy Bartholomew from Waratah Respite Services.
Judy and Sherrie spoke about the respite services offered to carers and their loved ones, - as well as the wide range of support programs offered by the Centre.




Thursday 23rd May, 2019 (The Community Show : 9.00-10.30am).
Rita interviews Shelley Lowe, who was recently named the 2019 International Women's Day Coffs Coast Woman of the Year.
Shelley talks about the award, as well as her involvement in fitness and sport, along with her classes and programs including : ‘BootCamp’, ‘UcanDO, and ‘Stepping On’ .




In a second interview on Thursday 16th May, - during the Community Show, Max interviewed Brian Burns the Publicity Officer of Coffs City Probus Club.
Brian and Max discussed the functions of the Coffs City Probus club, its members and what they do. If you're looking for friendship, fellowship and fun in retirement, - have a listen to this interview, - Probus could be for you.




Thursday 9th May, 2019 (The Community Show : 9.00-10.30am)
Olga interviewed the Mayor of Coffs Harbour City Council, Denise Knight, about a wide range of topics, including activities, events and council projects in and around the Coffs Coast.
For those interested in what has been happening on the Coffs Coast, and what is planned for the future, this interview is well worth listening to.






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