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The May meeting was held at 24 Glenreagh Street, on Thursday 16 May 2018, commencing at 4.00pm.

Present: Richard Moore (RM), John F Sercombe (JFS), John Bambey (JB), John Greene (JG), Ken Capps, Garry Sambrook and Elsie Langford (EDL).
Absent: Nil.

Matters Discussed

New Member Approval: - 1 new member ratified.

Premises: - plans are with Council for backyard area. They are working through them and we await approval then we can lay concrete etc., - 3 quotes have been obtained – one chosen and they are to be asked to do job when time comes but there will be still more to be done after the concrete is laid to complete the area that but will come in time.

Membership: - discussion on cost and type of membership – decided to stay as is for this year and discuss further before 2019.

Passing Parade: - spon-ads to be played when this is included in programme:
Breakfast - 1st hour: 8 sponads, 2nd hour: 4 sponads
Drive time - 1st hour: 8 sponads, 2nd hour: 6 sponads

Rosters: - Garry Costa will take over the rosters when David Langford retires from position - if presenters are on leave for 4 weeks or under – presenters to organize their own replacements and notify Garry (via a Leave Form) so he can amend the rosters. For longer periods of absence, contact Garry and talk with him.

Guest Interviews: - all must be logged with Rita so we have a comprehensive list for when Licence Renewal is due.

Bumper Sticker Competition: - stickers will be distributed at Orara Valley Fair and competition/prizes will start on 18th June, - these will come up in random shows – JB to organize the various things required to make it successful.

Acoustics: - more acoustic boards to be made and some to be put on the back of door in Production Room to further soundproof the room.

Door Mat: - investigating a possible initialised door mat for the front door.

Front Porch: - Maintenance to lay covering on Front Porch area for safety.

Grants: - still awaiting news of Battery & Inverter grant application.

Licence Renewal: - application has to be in by 31 December 2018 – will need a lot of work before that date with a large amount of paperwork to show we are complying with everything especially involving the community at large.

20th Birthday celebrations: - put on hold to make it a big event for 21st birthday in August 2019 – will give more time to lead up to the event.

CBAA Conference: - decided that JFS & JB would be our delegates in November at Gold Coast.

Financial: - Finances still healthy with surplus most months between income & expenditure – however in near future there will be large amounts spent on backyard and other associated work.


The next scheduled meeting of the Committee of Management will be on 20th June 2018.

Precis compiled by Elsie Langford, Secretary, 2AIRFM





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